What does sustainability mean to us?

As an internationally active company, Rehm Thermal Systems fulfils its responsibility for sustainable resource management. Environmental awareness means taking responsibility for our products throughout their entire life cycle. For us, sustainability encompasses the areas of economy, ecology and social responsibility.




Environmental protection is our top priority. We make sure that our products and manufacturing processes are as environmentally friendly as possible. This includes using renewable energy, minimising waste and emissions and promoting recycling and reuse.




We focus on efficient and economical solutions that ensure the long-term success of our company while optimising costs for our customers. Our products and processes are designed to be economically sustainable and to secure competitive advantages.




Social responsibility

For us, sustainability also means social responsibility. We are committed to the rights and well-being of our employees, promote equality and inclusion and support social projects and communities. Education, health protection and the ethical use of technology are key aspects of our social sustainability strategy.

“Sustainability is important to us.
In all processes, we pay attention to the careful use of resources."

Johannes Rehm, Managing Director

Save the future: commitment to nature and the climate

Our energy concept combines efficient technologies and expertise with the requirements of a modern manufacturing company. Tradition meets globalisation – with raw materials from suppliers in the region, we manufacture systems that are successful on the global market. Low material consumption, reliable recycling of reusable materials, short transport routes through our production facilities in Germany and China, high-quality and durable systems with low energy consumption and minimal emissions – our commitment benefits not only the environment, but also our customers!



Goals and steps towards climate neutrality
On the road to climate neutrality


Reduction of 10 % in the stock of hazardous substances by 2025


Reduction of hazardous waste per delivered system by 5 % compared to the previous year


Annual reduction in energy consumption from fossil fuels per kilometre driven (kWh/km) by 1%

Simple. More. Sustainability.
Measures for a sustainable future


With Simple. More. Sustainability., Rehm launched the SAVE THE FUTURE project back in 2011 with the aim of taking responsibility for our products throughout their entire life cycle at our global production sites. The aim is to minimise material consumption and recycle reusable materials during production, keep transport routes short to reduce the use of secondary resources and ensure robust, durable and retrofittable systems with low energy consumption and minimal emissions.


Sustainability all along the line. Rehm Thermal Systems and Rehm BlechTec are honoured with the environmental seal as ÖKOPROFIT companies. The focus is on the areas of energy management, waste and recycling, occupational health and safety, legal and environmental controlling as well as the conscious handling of hazardous substances. Environmental protection and sustainable production are firm guiding principles at Rehm. With innovative technologies and a well thought-out energy concept, the company fulfils all the requirements of a modern manufacturing company.

2017: LED lighting

Converting to LED lighting is an effective way to reduce energy costs. LEDs consume significantly less electricity than traditional lighting systems and have a longer service life – an efficient contribution to environmental protection.

2022: Environmental management

ISO 14001 brings about a systematic improvement in a company's environmental performance. It leads to a reduction in environmental pollution through targeted measures, increases resource efficiency and supports compliance with statutory environmental regulations. In addition, the standard strengthens the environmental awareness of employees and can contribute to cost savings as well as an improved reputation and competitiveness of the company's environmental management system. By continuously monitoring and improving environmental practices, ISO 14001 promotes sustainable management and long-term ecological responsibility.

2022: Travel allowance

Every employee receives financial support in the form of a travel allowance to reduce the cost of travelling to work and make more environmentally friendly means of transport more attractive.

2022: Carpooling platform

Introduction of a carpooling portal for employees as a digital platform that enables employees to form carpools to commute to work together, which not only saves costs but is also environmentally friendly.

2022: Climate protection

The energy efficiency and climate protection network of IHK Ulm and Stadtwerke Ulm/Neu-Ulm is committed to sustainable energy initiatives and environmental protection measures in the region in order to reduce the ecological footprint of companies and promote the transition to a more sustainable economy.

2022: Benefit card

The Givve benefits-in-kind card enables employers to give their employees a tax-free 50 € on top of their monthly salary. These benefits in kind are net and can be used at numerous regional points of acceptance, which strengthens regional trade. The card contributes to employee motivation and satisfaction, while at the same time supporting local businesses.

2022: REHM electric car

The first REHM electric car for employees offers an environmentally friendly alternative and emphasises the company's commitment to sustainable mobility. Every employee has the opportunity to test the driving experience of an electric car for a week.

2023: Take-back system

Batteries consist largely of recyclable materials such as zinc, nickel, iron, steel, manganese or aluminium. However, used batteries can also contain heavy metals. In order to be able to recover large quantities of these recyclable materials and avoid the possible distribution of heavy metals in the environment, there are separate take-back systems. REBAT is the largest take-back system for portable batteries in Germany.

2023: Donations in kind

We are making our contribution to supporting the earthquake victims in Syria with a donation in kind of vital relief supplies and materials from our employees to help the affected families during this difficult time.

2023: Transformation

Elocompanion supported us on our path towards greenhouse gas neutrality in the period from 31 May 2023 to 1 June 2024. These consulting services were eligible for BAFA funding under Module 5 Transformation Concepts. Together, we determined the first complete carbon footprint for 2022. Furthermore, an energy efficiency concept was drawn up, which shows us measures to reduce our building stock. A key performance indicator tool was also developed to prepare us for the requirements of the CSRD.

2023: CO2 balancing

The preparation of a complete carbon footprint for the year 2022 in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol includes the definition of the organisational and operational framework, the collection of relevant data and its conversion into CO2 equivalents. Emission reduction strategies are then developed, the results documented and improved through regular updates and verification.

2023: Employer of the future

Rehm Thermal Systems has been recognised as an "Employer of the Future" by the German Innovation Institute for Digitalisation and Sustainability (DIND). The company attaches great importance to sustainability, modern workplaces and digital transformation in order to remain competitive and attract talented specialists. Measures such as LED lighting, photovoltaic systems and a digital energy management system emphasise the company's commitment to the environment and employee participation. In addition, Rehm offers numerous social and material benefits such as educational partnerships, home office options and various allowances to create an attractive working environment.

2023: Renewable energies

With the installation and commissioning of further photovoltaic modules, Rehm is upgrading to 527 kWp and can thus generate a significant proportion of its own energy.


2023: E-charging stations

With ten charging stations for electric vehicles, Rehm is promoting electromobility and supporting environmental goals by reducing CO2 emissions.

Certified quality

Rehm Thermal Systems has been regularly certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 since 2004. We also plan and design all machines to be CE-compliant in accordance with machine guidelines. We are regularly certified in the energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1 and have also set another milestone towards climate neutrality with the introduction of the environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 at Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH.

Transparency in environmental matters – we are a member of CDP

Rehm Thermal Systems GmbH discloses its impact on climate change and/or forests and/or water security through the CDP, a global non-profit organisation that operates the world's leading environmental disclosure platform. CDP drives companies and governments to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, secure water resources and protect forests. In 2021, over 13,000 companies with over 64 % of global market capitalisation disclosed environmental data through CDP. In addition, more than 1,100 cities, states and regions have revealed their data. This makes the CDP platform one of the world's richest sources of information on how companies and governments are driving environmental change. 

You can find more information here: www.cdp.net/en