Reliable drying of UV materials

Declining cycle times during the coating process today require faster hardening times, which can be optimally implemented with the help of UV drying systems. Rehm Thermal Systems is responding to this trend by developing the new RDS UV, a compact dryer, especially for hardening UV coatings and UV adhesives. UV coatings are solvent-free, and therefore particularly easy to process and environmentally friendly. They are increasingly used as corrosion protection for electronic components in the automotive industry. They are also used in the cosmetics and household appliance industries, and also for musical instruments. With the RDS UV, Rehm provides a flexible and reliable dryer that makes the hardening process for UV coatings fast straightforward to carry out in just a few seconds. Thanks to the exhaust air volume flow which can be adjusted and the short heating phase, the system is immediately ready for use and is therefore significantly more efficient than comparable systems in terms of energy use. With the implementation of higher coating thicknesses, you can achieve the maximum protective function of your circuit board coating and profit from the best quality.


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Product film RDS UV

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