LIVE WEBINAR High Temperature Contact Soldering for Semiconductor/Power Electronics at 9.00 a.m.


Components with high thermal mass, profile requirements with tight tolerances, minimal residual oxygen levels, flux-free processes, and joining under vacuum – all these requirements are increasingly common in soldering processes in the field of power electronics.

Additionally, temperatures of up to 400°C are often needed for joining materials. To quickly, flexibly, reproducibly, and scalably map thermal processes in the development of power electronics and in the semiconductor field, the Nexus thermal system is optimal. Heat transfer occurs through contact. Processes can be realized with minimal residual oxygen levels under nitrogen, and at the same time, the system allows the use of formic acid and forming gas for surface activation and cleaning. In the webinar, we will  introduce the system and its applications. Furthermore, we will discuss thermal profiles with special requirements and present a process in a showcase. Join us live in the webinar to see how a process is created from complex profile requirements.

Start: 9:00 a.m. CEST (for Asia, Europe, ROW)

Duration: 60 min

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LIVE WEBINAR High Temperature Contact Soldering


If there are any questions, please contact Sina Bartosch, mail:, phone: +49 7344 9606-436